In March 2020 music and portrait photographer Ruth Medjber headed out across Ireland to document the crazy times we were all living through. She ended up photographing 499 people from all over the country through their windows at dusk as they were locked down at home. The result is this visually stunning and deeply moving book. 

Ruth came to Ardmore on her travels - she included us and two other families from Ardmore - the Brockie Family and Bridget and her family at the Ardmore Open Farm. 

'People want to look back on 2020 / 2021 and not just see all the things they've missed out on, but they want to kind of acknowledge, respect the time that they've been through together. So you want to immortalise it and go - this was us, that was the time we've lived through, and now it's time to move on'

Ruth Medjber