Sprout Vase, Yellow, Lydia Smith Ceramics

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This sprout vase made by ceramic artist Lydia Smith is functional and sculptural. These lidded vases are designed to make flower arranging casual and easy. "You use the spouts and holes in the lid to create the perfect ad-hoc flower arrangement."

Kilkenny based Lydia Smith is a 2020 graduate of the prestigious DCCI Pottery Skills and Design course.  Lydia originally trained in fashion design at the University of Westminster. She worked for British design houses before fulfilling her passion for pottery. ​ She works with porcelain, which has a ripeness for mark-making, and acts as a ready canvas for colourful glazes. Lydia combines the shapes created on the wheel with hand-building techniques to create technically challenging, unique pots that mark moments of joy.

Dimensions: 14cm high & 10cm diameter