Bold Jugs, Jerpoint Glass

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These Bold Jugs are the latest creation from Jerpoint Glass - and come in a large and small size. An exciting range of jugs juxtaposing opposite colours that create highly vivid colour combinations.

This fun and quirky collection is the result of little changes, big ideas and a general rejuvenation at Jerpoint Glass. This is well summed up by Rory Leadbetter, Master Glassblower “We wanted to make something for people with the same childhood conventions. Such as the vivid block of colours in comics, anime, fashion, neon lights! You could say it takes its inspiration from the 90’s but with a modern twist to it”.


Large Jugs - 

Height - 27cm 

Base Diameter - 12cm 

Approx. 1.4 litres for large jug

Small Jugs - 

Height: 18cm

Base Diameter: 8cm

Approx. 500ml capacity for small jug