Ciorcail Large Hoop Earrings, Lynsey de Burca

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These striking Ciorcail Large Hoop earrings in sterling silver are made by jeweller Lynsey de Burca in Co.Galway. 

Lynsey grew up beside the coast in the West of Ireland - the images that fired her imagination as a child have made their way into the contemporary jewellery that she now makes. 

"I grew up beside a pier close to Kinvara. This tiny little pier was a treasure trove of fishing nets, lobster pots, crab cages and boat chains. The images have stayed with me, they are etched in my memory and inform my work to this very day. From the composition of fishing nets strewn over a pier wall to the copper rust tones of boat chains contrasting against the silver tides. Every element an inspiration."

Lynsey's jewellery is created in sterling silver using centuries old craft techniques - hand forged in her studio in Moycullen, Co. Galway.

Diameter of hoop earrings - 3cm