Cuppa for Two, Traditional Blue Sponged, Ardmore Pottery

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This is the Cuppa for Two in our Traditional Blue Sponged pattern. The Cuppa for Two set is designed to work equally well for both tea and coffee and makes a great gift. It comprises of two of our regular sized cups, a small milk jug and a small sugar bowl, all gathered together on one of our pottery trays. This collection is especially useful if you enjoy a cuppa outdoors - the tray makes it easy to bring everything you need outside. 

When you purchase this set you are receiving €6 off what it would cost you if you were to buy the pottery items individually.


Please note - 

Each piece of pottery is made by hand and so slight variations in dimensions and decoration may occur. 

All of our pottery items are oven and dishwasher safe.

Dimensions - 

Regular Cups - approx - 8cm high x 8cm diameter

Small Jug - approx - 8cm high x 6cm diameter

Small Sugar Bowl - approx - 8cm diameter x 5cm high 

Small Tray - approx - 22cm diameter x 3cm high