Heart of Gold pendant, Alan Ardiff

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This stunning Heart of Gold pendant is comprised of a golden heart enclosed in a silver case. The striking combination of gold and silver makes it a beautiful piece to wear and an incredible gift to give to the person in your life who has a heart of gold.

Dublin based Alan Ardiff creates jewellery from a combination of gold and silver, with a number of the jewellery pieces incorporating kinetic elements; a fish jumps, a bird swings, stones rock and hearts roll.

His pieces, handmade from sterling silver and 18-karat gold, are three-dimensional and sculptural, reflecting his background in both industrial design and craft. Alan Ardiff said he considers his pieces to be a “little bit of fun, and also talismans that can convey and hold emotion."

Pendant is on an 18cm chain.

Materials: Silver, Solid 18kt gold heart