Porcelain Mug, Yellow Base, Adele Stanley

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This Porcelain Mug is slip cast using liquid porcelain and made by Adele Stanley here in Waterford. 

Adele Stanley is a ceramic artist based in Mahon Bridge, County Waterford. Her functional work is inspired by simplicity of form, clean lines and bright colour. Coloured slips are used to create these bands of matte vibrant colour on the base of her mugs and contrast well with the high gloss finish of the rest of the mug.

Choose from a range of Adele's colourful mugs - they are designed to be mixed and matched. Also to note - porcelain is a tough material and so these mugs will manage the rough and tumble of any kitchen. They are also dishwasher safe. 

Dimensions of Mug - Diameter 9.5cm x Height 9cm 

Note - Each mug is handmade so some slight variations in size and colour may occur.