Cove Dawn 003, Photographic Print, Sea Studio

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An original limited edition photographic print created by Niall Meehan of Sea Studio. Niall captures the sea when he swims at sunrise. The results are a mesmerising series of images. This one is entitled, Cove Dawn 003.

"I am fortunate to be able to swim - year round at sunrise - in the cool waters of the Irish Sea. My love of sea swimming and of image making have become one, to the point where I don't know if I go for a swim and take photographs or go to take photographs that happen to be in the sea. What I do know is that I am continually inspired by the challenge to put two dimensional form on the amorphic energy of the sea. Everyday the sea is different so I aim to make an image that fixes a moment of the swim in time - as a permanent reminder of how it feels to be alive." Niall Meehan, Sea Studio, Co. Wicklow. 

Print dimensions: 33cm x 30cm